Waking Up in America

Join Croatian singer/songwriter and performing artist Tajci for this new weekly show with guests and music in which they explore the ‘waking up moments’ that shift us from discontent to purpose and uncover the essence of who we are meant to be.

This shift is hard. Many of the guests have made the shift after a hard ‘wake up call’ – like an illness, or a loss of someone they loved…

The challenge is this: Can we wake up, make the shift before we are hit hard?

Through “Waking Up In America,” the answer is YES! It’s hard, but it’s a definite YES!

This is the shift that Tajci wants to inspire viewers to make – in order to live with more love, abundance, joy, freedom, and courage.

Airs: Tuesday @ 2:30 PM, Wednesday @ 6:00 PM, Thursday @ 6:00 AM, and Friday @ 3:00 AM,

To learn more about “Waking Up in America” visit: http://wakingupinamerica.net/