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The Christian Associates Television Ministry Serves as a Unifying Voice in the Name of Jesus Christ for the Mission of the Gospel and the Wholeness of Communities.

Operated by the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh in conjunction with Christian Associates (an ecumenical partnership brought about by our shared commitment to communicate the Gospel), Christian Associates reaches over 94,000 homes each day through Comcast Channel 95 in Pittsburgh, XFINITY On Demand, and online streaming video.

Daily Mass from St. Paul Cathedral and Saint Mary of Mercy Church!

Maybe the roads are dangerously slick with ice.. Maybe you’re very sick and can’t get out… Maybe your work schedule doesn’t allow you to get to weekday Mass, but you’d really like to experience the Church’s worship… Mass broadcasts on Christian Associates are the solution!

Tune in to Christian Associates TV for live broadcasts of daily and Sunday Mass from Saint Paul Cathedral and Saint Mary of Mercy Church! And join us for special live broadcasts of major Diocesan events, including ordinations and holiday Masses.

And if you can’t tune in for the live broadcast, stop by at any time to watch the day’s Mass broadcast on demand, any time you’d like.

Word on Fire with Bishop Robert Barron

Catholicism Series — Witness the most significant story ever told. For the first time, in breathtaking cinematography, the beauty and truth of the Catholic Faith is illustrated in a rich, multimedia experience. Journey with acclaimed author, speaker and theologian Bishop Robert Barron to more than 50 locations throughout 15 countries. Be illuminated by the spiritual and artistic treasure of this global culture that claims more than one billion of the earth’s people. Ten episodes. One film series.

New Evangelization Series — This series explores the Church’s mission within the challenges of contemporary culture. Hosted by Bishop Barron, the documentary focuses on the cultural obstacles the Church faces today, such as the emergence of relativistic attitudes toward questions of faith and morality.

The Rosary with Bishop David Zubik

Join Bishop David A. Zubik, Bishop of Pittsburgh, daily at 11am as he leads the recitation of the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary. This prayerful video is filled with stained glass images and artwork of the events in the lives of Jesus and Mary.

… and dozens of other Christian programs!

Christian Associates TV offers a wide variety of programming with a uniquely Christian focus. With genres ranging from news to drama, music, fitness, scripture study, cooking, and beyond, you’re sure to find a show that will pique your interest and help bring you closer to Christ!

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