Manifesting the Kingdom Awards Mass

Our lives as Catholic Christians are all about manifesting Christ. In God’s plan it is revealed that each of us is an adopted child of God with the power now, through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, to work with Christ in bringing about a world of peace, kindness, truth and love. This Saint Paul calls the “new creation.” The Gospel speaks of manifesting and expressing the “Kingdom of God.”

The Church of Pittsburgh rejoices in so many good and exemplary priests, deacons, consecrated women and men and faithful laywomen and laymen. Each one in his or her own way works to manifest the new life we have received in baptism. Through all of this effort the kingdom of God is made manifest in our midst as God’s grace and love unfolds and embraces us.

The Manifesting the Kingdom award is given by Bishop David Zubik to laywomen and laymen and to consecrated women and men who demonstrate the presence of Jesus in their lives and have participated in an exceptional service to the Church reflected in so many different ways in the lives, ministry and work of those who receive it.

This video is the recording of the Mass and awards from June 7, 2015 at Saint Paul Cathedral.